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  Date: October 16, 2016

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Omoh, as I enter d class, d girls come dey shout like say dem see jay-z. I come shout 4 dem say make them shut up! Dem dey mad?. Everybody come quiet and all eyes come dey on me, I come forget wetin I plan to talk sef.

Anyhow sha, I introduced myself and my subject. These girls were glad to have me… and I was glad to be here with them as the only male copper in the school. I be like tuface to them. As I dey teach, I discover say most of them na confirm olodo. Them no sabi anything but i later discover say them intelligent 4 bed and them bad to the bone. Some minutes into the lesson, I asked the class a question but no one answered. Then, a girl stood up and gave me the answer. Her name was Ella. Ella had an average face and Bottom but she had big b0s0ms. I come notice say these girls dey lift their skirts for me to see their [email protected] Chai! See fresh temptation. Omoh, my prick come dey rise small small so I come go Siddon 4 one sit to cover-up. All the while, I noticed that some of these girls had their eyes on me. I be fine boy small na. Particularly, a pair of eyes caught my attention. Guess who? Omoh, Ella dey look me!! As She dey look me 4 eye, I dey look her huge b0s0m-s…. Fantasizing about sU-Cking them. After the class, I asked them if they had any questions. They said yes and started asking questions like “do you have a girlfriend?” “Can you speak Ibo?”. Haha! Una Don enter one chance this year. I just waved them off, smiled and went back to my office…. still fantasizing about Ella. I walked into my office, greeted Mrs venny and sat down and rested my head on my table to relax (oh, how I love to see this lady). Some minutes later, I heard a female voice say “sir, please can I borrow your text book? ”

I looked up and saw two pair of huge b0s0m-s pointing at me. You guessed right ….. it was Ella….

I handed over the text book to Ella. She took it to class and promised to return it. I no know whether she really need that book, abi she just won use style give me green light?. I just respected myself and kept acting normal around her. days past, I no see more green lights again oh! Abi Ella no like me again? God abeg oh. Two weeks later was Valentine’s day and behold I had so many gifts that I couldn’t remember some girls who gave me gifts. One girl walked into my office with a love shaped gift with an inscription that said I LOVE YOU and said “sir, this is a val gift from Ella”. I sent for her, we chatted then I asked for her number. After school, she came to say bye and I promised to call her at night. At night, I dialled her number:

“Hi, it’s David”
“Hi” “How are you doing?”
“I’m fine, and you”
“Fine. I like you”
“Can I see you tomorrow?”
“I don’t know oh. I don’t visit strangers”

Omoh, d girl say I resemble player, I come
convince Ella say I like her die, say I no be bad Guy. But I didn’t beg her…. I can’t beg a girl for anything. Attraction is the key … if a girl is attracted to you, you no need all those “ten ways to get a girl” lecture. rubbish!. I come tell her say if she no fit come tomorrow, I no go ever invite her again. I cut call. 30 seconds Later, she call me back and asked me when I want her to come … I just tell am 11a.m. girls love guys that make the
rules. Trust me, I know. hurray!!!! Ella and her huge b0s0ms are coming to my house. Next day was Saturday, the d-day. I arranged my room, sprayed my body spray in the room (I no get air freshner… who needs air Freshner when jona is president? Lol.) I took my bath, put on clean boxers and a black polo then borrowed some naija films (naija chicks like naija film die). Of course, I had condoms under my mattress. 10:30am, Ella called and asked for the direction to my crib. I gave all the details of the house and even told her how old the house was. Lol. She con laff like fried fish head (ishi-azu). I con begin dey play cool R&B songs…. meanwhile I Don already drink alomo mixed with big stout. Today na die!. I just lay 4 bed dey expect Ella. Next thing I heard a knock on the door. Thank God! I do sign of the cross. As I open door I saw one small boy wey be my neighbor pikin. “U dey mad?!” I ask am with vex. “Comon go play 4 gutter” I hiss, bang my door still they wait 4 Ella. 5 minutes later, I hear another knock again. God abeg I no won die of high BP oh, this person got to be Ella abeg. I opened the door and saw Ella, s*xy** as hell.

Jizos christ of onitsha!! see bo’obs! If to say
trumpet blow that moment, I for no gree go
heaven immediately oh, I go wait till I straff
finish. lol. This girl na heaven on her own, my
prick Don dey salute since. She gave me a smile and I said “come in please”….

To Be Continue!!

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