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Making Malami Attorney General

Buhari actually called Femi Falana on phone telling him to get prepared to work in his cabinet(Falana himself attested to this in an interview with Channels TV) but Falana is not a politician just like Evans is not also a politician, the politician from Ekiti got the job and today, here we are!

FEMI FALANA as ATTORNEY GENERAL will not be losing Anticorruption cases serially the way this dunce is losing it.

LET US choose the best among us, if not, we will all suffer from our foolish addiction to mediocrity!

Saraki As Senate President

I have criticised PMB on several occasions. On the emergence of MESU as SP, on retaining certain mediocrities within his government, on his lackadaisical attitude towards providing leadership needed by the APC etc but on this war on corruption and continuous loss of prominent cases of corruption, I cannot blame him.

His major campaign word in 2015 was "if we(not I) don't kill corruption, corruption will kill us.."....tHIS statement means that war against corruption involves Division of Labour. PMB will fight it, Judiciary will fight it, NASS will fight it, PEOPLE will fight it. Every one has a responsibility. And Division of Labour is not a mere sharing of duties, the duties are shared according to area of Specialisation. PMB's job is prosecution and he has set a motion for the prosecution of untouchables and mighty. From the Senate President to the High level Judges, Lawyers(S.A.N inclusive) to former powerful office holders. His job is to prosecute. Unfortunately, Buhari only exists in the executive, if he had headed judiciary and NASS too, we won't be losing glaringly good cases on the alter of hypocritical technicalities and meaningful laws to help the war would have been passed. Also, if PMB had not tried or given impression that he will try the high and might of the NASS and judiciary, if it were to be war on corrupt teachers, vendors and farmers, may be the other arms would have cooperated.

MESU earthly but temporary triumph yesterday is the failure of the people of Nigeria who choose to remain helpless and always think that their governmental duties end at the poll! Unfortunately, their mouths are only good at doing one thing...Abusing PMB!

Crafty MESU dropped all his lawyers and went for Agabi. He knew what he was doing. He knew he can't defend himself because he is a thief, so he went for a plan that will compromise the case. Recall, PMB stood his ground and took him to court. Agabi was Danladi's former boss, Danladi's brother works in his Chambers till date and the Prosecution Lawyer Rotimi Jacobs was his former Personal Assistant. Unfortunately, the inexperienced Attorney General did not reconstitute or advise PMB to reconstitute CCT before the announcement of prosecution and he didn't change Jacobs when MESU changed his own lawyers knowing well the relationship between his own lawyer and Mesu new lawyer.

Old man Agabi, a rich and comfortable lawyer who in his heart of hearts know that Mesu is a thief ought not to have taken such a case. Gani Fawehinmi once rejected a similar case from a Governor. Everyone has failed Nigeria and the future of the incoming generation because of vanities!


Senate has full control of itself. Judiciary has full control of itself. These two are PRO CORRUPTION ARMS without remorse. Executive is also corrupt but there lies the hope if anything good will happen but unfortunately, it is the only arm that has no control!!!

I pity Sagay. I Think the man should resign too unless a new deal is cut. However, my respect for Sagay knows no bounds!!!

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